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A game where I go full out on Psychological Warfare

I killed 4 invaders, 4 on 1, I mainly used the Bandit Dagger, a weak starting weapon, horrible range, I also used duel Machetes, one guy had a claymore and shield, one guy had a lance, giant fucken Fume Sword, and Havels armor, one guy had a great bow and rapier, one guy had turtle Leggings and a Great sword, all I had was wonderers outfit, little defence, I scared them off with a DAGGER, a fuckin DAGGER, and I even managed to chase one of the poor fuckers down and go Fuckin Jasen Voorhees on the poor bastard, which I latter became friends with :3

One person I met latter, I had retainer robes (+10 armor, not even 100 defence) they had knights armor and claymore with shield better range, better armor, more damage(?)
I had two machetes,  a whip, a horrible mix between Halbert and scythe, pyromancy flame with Great combustion (very easy to dodge) and a shield
We bowed to eachother and I charged him with his shield up, and beat his shield enough to drain his stamina, he rolled away and I followed him and managed to stab him more, he hit me once with a  Claymore and did about 400 of my 1300 health, I then scared him off with Pyromancy despite I didn't use it, and he was on his death bed and I just used that, it did about 300 damage and killed him

I fought one guy, they had 6 spells the first time, I couldn't even see my body disappear, that was in the arena, a open area, second time we met we were on a narrow bridge, I can't dodge, I get a katana and a DLC shield/staff, they did the same thing and I used Repel to stop all damage for 1.5 seconds and survived, so let's see this form thier side, something that can do over 2000+ damage VS me = I survived with no damage, and dodged thier soul gyser and now all they have that can harm me is, what I assume, is a level 1 dagger since they did less than 100 damage, with a BACKSTAB! And I take 1/3 of their health with my magic enchanted Katana, they literally gave up on their spells, their most effective weapon, cause of how botched I made it for them

I'm DS1 I found a ganger who had the highest armor and one perosn was doing 11 damage to them, I got a weapon that goes through shields, which screwed their fun, I have a +10 weapon, that does barely more than 100 damage, I pop up and see 2 people dye, 1 guy and me fight as the poor bastard and the person that were super defence, I kill the poor bastard with a scythe and I take the other perosn with a Shotle, and the guy who probably fought this guy for over a hour sees me, in very horrible and barely upgraded armor pops up and changes someone with a +10 weapon that does barely more than 100, not counting how much damage his armor removes, I just pop up and kill the guy

Back in DS2
I poped up and invaded someone, I showed them a path after I gained their trust I did a strong attack Ancient dragon tooth sword (you know, I fucked the weapons name up) and sent them off the edge, as they fell to their death I went to my own world, I didn't get anything XD I just sent a poor perosn off the edge and left before they were cured by becoming Hollow by becoming a pancake

I'll have to go soon, and I didn't get to talk about the guy I killed 6 times, and saw him slowly break down to just throwing and fat rolling, and I even beat them at that, the cheapest tatic, they failed at that, cause I had a 3 shot bow and I could dodge the throwing knifes, and did more damage than they did, and last time I saw them, ever, I literally kept saying "I'm so sorry" cause I was only able to say that 3 time before they died and it was when they appeared as we first met, but they had a Giant Lava Spewing monster backing them, and they still died as fast as they did, and they beat the DLC before I did cause they used the Iron King DLC's Fume Sword

So let's summarize this
I scared someone from using spells that did thousand times more damage
I killed 4 people with weapons much better than mine, mine does 64 physical damage, they can do 400+
I've killed someone so many times, I never seen them again, never herd from them again, I killed them in so many ways I felt bad, and even used him to test my new DLC weapons in place of undead NPCs that literally was just a bridge walk away, and when I saw him in his prime, it was only in a few seconds as he had been ripped apart, he had Havel's armor, anti physical attack, anti magical and fire, and I attacked him with a +10 katana with magic enchant which lowered physical attack, and I had a Dark weapon and spells that would bypass his armor, I was basicly destroyed a Rock wall with a stick
One guy I kept away by scaring them with the pyromancy flame it's self, and I rarely used to to make it appear powerful, like th Forbiden sun, only to make them decide I didn't have anything useful and go for a final run, only to find out the pyromancy was a close range attack
I ripped the kill from someone that had been fighting 3 people (with their own backup) for over 10 minutes, I just show up, kill one person, and kill the guy that not even Havel The Rock could make a bruise on cause they hid behind a shield that my weapon could go through, and I just been there for a minute and a half
I helped someone and gained their trust, only to betray them, for no gain what so ever on my end other than knowing I just screwed someone over
I invaded And destroyed dragon eggs to piss it off and lead someone on a bridge, kept them there till a Dragon came and tore it in half and dropped them into the ground from the sky

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